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Most of the applications below were weekly exercises built while attending the UT Coding Bootcamp. Arranged from my most recent projects to the earliest experiments, this chronology illustrates the progress in my programming comprehension and ability: graduating from simple front-end apps with vanilla html, css and javascript to full-stack apps with a Node.js Express server, Mongo Database and React UI.

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I am a freshly minted full-stack javascript web developer. I arrived here after reflecting upon the trajectory of my life’s path, having accrued extensive knowledge via various academic institutions, gained perspective and wisdom through diverse career experiences and developed fascinations with numerous technology-rich pastimes. A single theme bubbled to the surface as a result of this introspection: the joy of comprehending the design and operation of technology systems. With a background steeped in information analysis, diagnostic thinking and the detail-oriented operation of various technologies, transitioning my intellectual focus to the realm of programming languages is a natural and timely step forward upon an exciting new path. I'm convinced that a challenging career in software development will be both personally fulfilling and of positive benefit to the world, and this empowers my decision to strive towards mastery of this new skill set.


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